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What is Advanced Ideals Institute?

Advanced Ideals Institute, is established to promote, through its online health education ministry, advanced biological-humanitarian health education in the arenas of agriculture and natural health science, via online instruction, training, certification as well as consulting services based on the science and technology of Dr. Carey Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI). To offer these services in all branches of soil, animal and human health disciplines for bringing about a new ideal paradigm for understanding how life and health has its vital foundation in the electrochemistry of the soil in order to bring about the production of foods that become the ideal cause of super life, health and longevity of both animal and man, thereby promoting planetary harmony and advancement toward spiritual Light and Life. It is our joy and our goal to provide Advanced Ideals Institute's organization so we can share, through our seminars and publication, with everyone seeking the true Biological Theory of Ionization science and technology. Therefore, it is our mission, ministry and purpose to directly impact and advance the true life and health ideals of current human life status on planet Earth to the Glory of God.

What is The Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI)?

Biological Ionization is a comprehensive system of mathematical principles that allow for a new and complete understanding of how the ionic electrochemical basis of biological life is to ideally develop and function. Therefore, this model also explains the cause of degenerative dis-ease namely, ionic mineral deficiencies causing electrochemical depletion, distortion, disruption and destruction of the ideal and healthy environment of the basic cellular components and sub components of the cells. Additionally, and most importantly, this model provides the exact tools required to address the cause of the electrochemical dysfunctions that are called dis-ease whether in plant, animal or human and reverse them.

Reams Ideal How Did This Theory Originate?

It came into being through the work of soil, animal and food scientist, Dr. Carey A. Reams. In the early 1930s, experimenting using mathematical and oscilloscopic techniques on all types of foods, plants and animals, he discovered that biologic entities, whether plant, animal or human, each exist and function at their own basic unique electrochemical frequency. HeDr. Carey Reams found that if the ionic mineral energy, moving into or out of a biologic entity, is not in the proper frequency configuration, that the biologic entity cannot maintain its ideal molecular ionic electrochemical integrity, therefore, its health and physical well-being correspondingly deteriorate. He further found that this understanding of frequency, in biologic life, made it possible to fully comprehend the true digestive process in humans, and how it could either enhance or detract from a human's ability to maintain the maximum ionic mineral reserves from their food sources. Additionally, Dr. Reams discovered that the nutrient mineral density of our foods directly affects the quality of a human or animal's digestive capability, and that digestive integrity is absolutely required to maintain their ionic electrochemical body "on frequency" for ideal health.

Of course, Dr. Carey Reams discovered, as well, the vital secrets of how to grow the highest nutrient content in the various plant and animal food sources that would promote the most ideal digestive health in humans. See Dr. Beddoe's books on gardening and agriculture to learn these unique secrets to grow the highest possible quality foods.

Why is The Biological Ionization Theory So Vital?

Dr. Beddoe especially enjoys the experience of seeing and hearing the "Uh-huh's," when students take note of how the all-encompassing truths of Biological Ionization stand forth, as the solid basis of understanding of all the allopathic and natural health "ologies" and disciplines. Yes, it is very customary for students to come to the overwhelming public realization that Biological Ionization holds the keys to understanding the proper place for all health disciplines. If a health practitioner is never exposed to the significance of Biological Ionization principles, they will always and only ever have a symptom-based therapy system, no matter how natural they orient it. No matter how elaborate or wholistic the diagnostic or treatment routine used to uncover and deal with health dysfunctions, it will never reveal the true cause of the dysfunction nor what to ideally do about it as will the properly understood and applied Biological Ionization principles and techniques. No matter how natural, or otherwise, the therapy of a health practitioner, whether in using natural drugs, homeopathy, herbs, massage, chiropractics, wholistic dentistry, kinesiology, iridology, raw foods, colonics, acupuncture etc., the symptom will remain the focus of the therapy and the real cause will not be addressed.

Who Is Instructing?

Hello everyone. My name is Alexander "Sande" Beddoe. In 1970, I completed my dental education and received a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. During my dental education I became very fascinated with the discovery of the real cause of dental decay. Through the revolutionary research of a professor of physiology, at my dental school, also a dentist, I learned that healthy teeth have a natural self-cleansing process that results from the movement of a biologic fluid from the tooth's center (known as the dental pulp where the blood and nerve supply are located) to the outside surface of the tooth's dental enamel. The conclusions determined from this research revealed that in order for teeth to maintain ideal health, they must be connected toDr. A.F. Beddoe a healthy mineral rich body. In other words, the better your body's mineral reserves are maintained, the better the natural self cleansing process your teeth can maintain. This really means that the teeth decay from the inside out, when the self cleaning process breaks down.

So, what causes the self cleansing process of your teeth to break down? Simply, the lack of sufficient ionic mineral available from your diet for keeping the electrochemical environment of the tooth properly fed and controlled. Yes, the cause of dental disease is because the foods humans consume are from 50 to 70 percent deficient in mineral, beginning especially with calcium. And, would you believe, all disease has the same cause as dental disease. In fact, dentists actually, have the distinguished honor, if it can be called that, to see the first sign of all degenerative disease right within the body structures he deals with—the jaw structures. Yes, children show the first signs of degenerative dental disease, the most common first sign of all degeneration, right within their developing jaw structures. And believe it or not 80% of the mineral lacking is calcium. Yes, 80% of the mineral your body requires to stay in excellent health in order to prevent degeneration is calcium.

How do I know this, you may ask? Well, from the incredible discoveries about the self-cleansing process in teeth, I became very interested in how to truly help all my patients prevent dental disease. This keen interest started me on a journey, when I entered private dental practice in 1970, to discover a simple yet comprehensive way to individually analyze the body electrochemistry of my patients. I was seeking a method that would not only allow me to understand the cause of their oral health challenges, but would make it possible to address that cause by tailor-making an individualized nutritional program to help that person restore oral health as well as general health since oral health is a mirror of general systemic health.

Between 1970 and 1975 I investigated and researched a number of different methods, traditional as well as non-traditional, that were purported to be effective for analyzing  body chemistry, which included everything from blood to hair analysis. Disappointedly, I found these methods did not provide direct information about the body's chemistry. These methods only provided information that corroborated that there was a problem along with presenting the symptomatology. These methods offered no clue as to why the problem/symptomatology was there — no clue to the cause of the problem. These methods, clearly, offered  no assistance as to how to eliminate the cause and only partially addressed how to eliminate the symptoms, since in most cases the symptoms would return or new symptoms would / could also present elsewhere.

This is where I came to realize that the 'norms', which medical / health science were using to measure wellness, were derived from taking the average of a random cross section of people in all levels of "health." Yes, researchers have presumed, and still do, that if they sampled a large enough cross section of the population, the average of whatever they were measuring would provide a gauge of the optimum. This is what came to be known as 'normal.' However, the reality is that health 'normals', derived from the average of a cross section of people in various stages of sickness and degeneration, did not reveal the gauge for an optimum to work towards. The data provided with this measuring technique was simply GIGO, "Garbage In = Garbage Out," with no one measuring actual optimums or ideals.

However, the real turning point came when I met Dr. Carey Reams—now close to 30 years ago. Dr. Reams was in his mid seventies at that time and had retired the previous decade from an international agricultural consulting and research business. He had thirty-two engineers that consulted with him, while he maintained one of the largest analytical research labs in the U.S. for solving leading edge challenges in soil, plant and animal science. Dr. Reams was not only a specialist in biophysics, but his real forte was what he termed 'relative' mathematics and the way he used it to address and solve his research challenges. That, divinely guided encounter with Dr. Reams, led to a ten-year relationship that allowed me to learn first hand the application of the most unique principles and techniques of soil, animal and human health science, coined as the Biological Theory of Ionization by Dr. Reams. Yes, Dr. Reams had followed a trail that led him to apply his unique scientific method, in soil and animal science, to human degenerative disease. In addition, my work with Dr. Reams allowed me to author the first two RBTI textbooks ever written about Reams's Biological Ionization principles as they apply to human nutritional ionic electrochemistry as well as soil and plant ionic electrochemistry. Of course Dr. Reams reviewed the books. He called them "a stroke of genius." Yet, the real and vital end result has been my almost 30 year privilege of clinically working with, teaching and ultimately proving, beyond all doubt, that Reams' Biological Ionization principles are not only real, but form the most vital base for truly understanding what ideal health really is and the real cause and effect relationship of all minerals (especially calcium) to individual body electrochemistry and degenerative dis-ease.

Although my professional scholastic and scientific training has been as a dental physician, I have concurrently been working with Biological Ionization soil principles applied in farming and gardening. No, this is not strange when you realize that my father was a horticulturist and mother loved gardening thus I grew up loving to grow food. And it is true that "you can take the boy out of the farm, but you cannot take the farm out of the boy." So when I met Dr. Carey Reams and his working principles of Biological Ionization that connected the soil plant relationship with human health, I knew that what he had to reveal to me would be vital, basic and far-reaching information.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since Dr. Reams's death in 1985, and every bit of it has proved over and over to me how vital the Biological Ionization principles are to the real time total health of mankind. Dr. Reams discovered the true meaning and understanding of nutrition.

Dr. Reams said over and over that God had given him this information. Therefore, it is Advanced Ideals Institute's divine assignment and ministry to make the Biological Theory of Ionization's Principles and Techniques more understandable, usable and real to the world of natural health and healing.

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